my mechanical keyboard journey

kam bouquet keyboard on whimsy

Hey friends! Wanted to share with you how I started my keyboard journey.

Back in 2015, I was introduced to them by my brother when he bought a WASD keyboard online. He hurriedly let me type on it when it arrived, explaining how it was different from the membrane keyboards that we are used to type on. It definitely piqued my interest a little, but not enough for me to delve much into it as I primarily just used my MacBook and nothing else.

Come 2018, I was in a new office and the workstation assigned to me had broken keyboard feet. I’m very picky with those as I needed my keyboards to be angled. Unfortunately there were no extra keyboards, so I had to just buy my own separately. I was immediately reminded of my brother’s keyboard so I did a little google search and it lead me to the mechanical keyboards subreddit. After reading a few things it led me to my first purchase - the Anne Pro 2!

As someone who loves customizing things, I was enamored by the multitude of customization possibilities with the mechanical keyboard - from the colorful keycap sets to the switches, I was so excited with all these shiny new things. I definitely delved into keycap sets first because it occupies the biggest space. I learned about what profile I wanted. Being a mac user, I was used to uniform profiles and enjoy it way more that staggered ones, so my eyes were set on getting DSA keycaps. I quickly learned that everything is on a group buy basis and there were only a few “in stock” items. It took me about a week to pull the trigger on purchasing my first keycap set because I couldn’t fathom the thought that my keycaps were almost 2 times more expensive than my actual keyboard!

When I received them that was when the rabbit hole began! It was so fun to customize these and I eventually wanted to join group buys for custom boards, learned more about switches, and the works.

For the longest time I was waiting to join a group buy of a keycap set near to the colors I wanted. Until one day my friend Raf told me that I should just make my own and start a group buy, to which I took seriously and together we made a keycap set called KAM Bouquet. Not fully knowing what I was going into and was merely driven by the thought of having custom colors in my favorite colors and theme, I truly underestimated the amount of work it takes to make a keycap set group buy. Will talk about it more on another blog post! 🥹



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